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About the guy

Picture of the man himself.

On October 21, 1983, a barge containing 30 tons of toxic waste sunk off the coast of the Russian Far East, around 40 miles away from Vladivostok. Despite the amount of toxic waste spilled into the ocean, no harm was dealt to the ocean's ecosystem. However, the Soviet government didn't take too kindly to such an accident and blamed US submarines for sinking the ship. The next day, Ronald Reagan woke up from his slumber in his White House bedroom to find a salmon-colored blob beside his bed. This salmon-colored blob came from the toxic waste that dissolved into the ground, into the Earth's mantle and came up through the cracks in the floor of the White House to Ronald Reagan's bedroom. "What in the hell is this?" questioned Ronnie, as he picked up the squishy, salmon mess. The president didn't want such a mess roaming around the Oval Office, he already had enough crap to deal with.

And so the pinkish-looking blob settled down in the sewers, hitchiked around the country, before settling down in a small shed somewhere in the rural areas of the confines of the Internet. This man is known to several people as Daryll Oates, or Ancodia10.

Okay, to save yourself the long-ass backstory: I'm some guy on the Internet who draws pretty pictures, writes about things he likes and maybe tries his hands at something new once in a while. Forgive me if this site is coded like crap, it's 100% made in-house.